Brucker Brothers

Precision Metalwork • Stout Fabrication • Elegant Design

Brucker Brothers LTD is a custom fabrication shop based in Longmont, Colorado that specializes in metalwork for everything and anything related to residential, commercial, and industrial projects, as well as anything else that is metal related.  From the fabrication of small components to full blown custom turn key race chassis, our skilled fabricators can tackle any project you demand.  Through our diverse experience, knowledge, and skill set, we are able to bring imagination to life by working closely with our clients to provide a level of personal attention unmatched by larger operations. Our goal is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship while taking into account each client’s unique needs and constraints. Our passion is making the impossible a reality by creating unique and creative solutions for all your project needs.

We are proud to be involved in many different and exciting projects! Our diverse ventures include everything from fences and railings to commercial products, tooling, and fixtures, to custom bikes, rods, rats, 4x4’s, on up to trophy trucks and other race chassis.  And even high speed dual band radars (with 14' diameter dishes!) and some equipment that has been in space.

Near 11th & Main, Longmont, Colorado • • 720-235-9485